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[WEIBO FANACC] Nichkhun was at Pelicana fansign in China. One of the fan ask him to write her name and he asked what her name is.
She answered Khuntoria Forever. Nichkhun smile, he said sorry to her and also said that he can’t do that then he asked her again about her name.
She said it’s okay…

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Jungsis - SM town live world tour 2014

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someone please come and help this child….

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Can they get a round of applause pls? TuT


Some of you might have heard of that a security guard from SM is arrested at Nanjing airport yesterday for hitting the fans when EXO arrived.

And the heartwarming thing is that they stood up for the fans and even got mad at the security guards for pushing and hitting the fans :)




thinking about school

waking up cause school 

going to school 

precious~~ chanyeollie talking about having to break the piano for his mv remake

♡ happy birthday yoon bomi! ♡

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Life Lessons from Robin Williams’ Films That Will Make You a Better Person

Thank you for teaching us so much, Robin Williams.  

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I’m just going to go crawl into a tiny hole of sadness and stay until someone confirms that Robin Williams isn’t actually dead but is visiting the Lost Boys in Neverland and he decided to stay just a bit longer than expected.

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RIP Robin Williams you were truly one of my biggest inspirations.. not just for me but for many others. Thank You

To die would be a grand adventure
-  Robin Williams as Peter Pan (Banning) in Hook. (via disneyforeverlives) -


Please stay alive

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We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.

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